Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Raksha Bandhan celebrations: Postal Dept. comes up with special rakhi envelopes

For the safe and sure delivery of 'rakhis', the postal department has introduced special tamper proof and waterproof 'rakhi' envelopes. These envelopes are available at the post offices across the country.

Director, postal services, Allahabad Region, Krishna Kumar Yadav said since Rakshabandhan is celebrated during monsoon season, when the weather is very humid, and paper envelopes get moist, these specially designed rakhi envelopes offer a better option.

These rakhi envelopes are offered in dimension of 11 cm x 22 cm these envelopes are priced at Rs. 7/- per envelop excluding Postal charges.

These designer envelopes are available in six varieties.

Special feature of these envelopes is "Peal and Seal" mechanism which do not require use of gums or adhesives and are easy to use and dispose off.

Yadav said that special arrangements have been made at all Head Post Offices of Allahabad Region including Allahabad Head Post Office and Allahabad Kutchery Head Post Office for safe and time bound delivery of Rakhi Mail.Besides this Special Post Boxes are arranged in the premises of these offices for the purpose of sending Rakhis and which are not mingled with other mails. Once sorted out they are dispatched to their respective destinations to ensure timely delivery.

Apart from this separate boxes are made available for metro cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai to save time in sorting and speed up delivery on time. He further told that if the mail volume increases, additional arrangements will be made for delivery on time.

Courtesy : Times of India
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