Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Director Postal K K Yadav’s book ’16 Aane 16 Log’ in World Book Fair, New Delhi

Allahabad’s presence is being noticed at World Book Fair (15-23 February) at  New Delhi . During this time many books by authors related to Allahabad is being released, which includes Director Postal Services of Allahabad Region Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav’s book ’16 Aane 16 Log’. Published by Hindi Yugm Prakashan, New Delhi, in this book Mr. Yadav has described various aspects of 16 thinkers, litterateur, and writers from various time periods and related them with contemporary issues. Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav said that it will be his seventh book. In this book he has discussed contributions of legendary personalities like Ravindranath Tagore, Nagarjun, Nirala, Premchandra, Rahul Sankrityayan, Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi, Agyey, Kamleshwar, Manohar Shyam Joshi, Ahmad Faraz, Kaifi Aazmi, and currently active Abdul Rahman Raahi, Kunwar Narayan, Gopaldas Neeraj. Other than these, efforts have also been made to understand contributions by women writers like Amrita Preetam and Kurtul N. haidar.

            It is worthwhile to mention here that apart from being a Senior officer in Government service, Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav is active in the field of literature, writing, blogging, and social media and has published 06 books namely “Abhilasha” (Poem Collection), “Abhivyaktiyon ke bahane” and “Anubhutiyan aur vimarsh” (essay collection), India Post: 150 Glorious Years (2006) and “Krantiyagya: 1857-1947 ki gatha” (2007), “Jungle me cricket” (Children Poetry). A book on his work and personality ‘Badhate Charan Sikhar Ki aur: Krishna Kumar Yadav’ has been published (Dr. Durgacharan Mishra, 2009, Alok Prakashan, Allahabad). His creative works are published in various magazines and journals issued in country and abroad, web magazines published on the internet and blogs.

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