Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rich Tradition of Philately showcased in Allahabad Philatelic Exhibition- Allaphilex-2015 : Sangam and Allahabad Head Post Office on Special Cover now

Allahabad Philatelic Exhibition “Allaphilex-2015” was inaugurated on 09th January, 2015 at Gandhi Art Gallery of North Central Zone Cultural Centre, Allahabad. The exhibition was inaugurated by retired Member, Postal Services Board, New Delhi and famous critic Padam Shri Shamshurrahman Farooqui, accompanied by Director Postal Services, Allahabad Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav and Postmaster General, Allahabad Region Mr. S. F. Rizvi by lighting lamp and cutting ribbon. On this occasion special covers were issued on Ganga-Yamuna-Saraswati Sangam and Allahabad Head Post Office. These special covers were cancelled by using special pictorial cancellations. 

In this exhibition the Philatelists of the city showcased various types of Postage Stamps. Thousands of Stamps were displayed in 60 frames, which includes a wide range of colorful collection of stamps, issued on Allahabad, 100 years of cinema in Postage Stamps, Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, Ravindranath Tagore, Nehru family, Indian Freedom Struggle, Stamps issued on Mosques, Bio Diversity, Rotary, Fire Brigade, Red Cross, and also included AIDS, Maleria etc. issued to spread awareness about these diseases. It included not only stamps issued in India but also included rare postage stamps and postage stationary issued in Foreign Countries.  Other than senior Philatelists of the city, students and children also exhibited their postage stamps collection. It is worthwhile to mention here that such type of exhibition is being organized after 2 years. Earlier Postage stamp exhibition was organized in 2013.
Addressing the programme held after the inauguration of the exhibition Chief Guest Padam Shri Shamshurrahman Farooqui said that postage stamps and letters have deep relations with emotions. He shared various memoirs related with letters and literature world and said that trend of letters will stay forever. Writing letters with ones own hand and sending them after affixing stamps have its own pleasure, which can never be achieved through phone, mail or social media. Letters and Postage Stamps never get old, in spite their value increases. This is the reason that handwritten letters and postage stamps are auctioned millions.

Mr. S. F. Rizvi, Postmaster General said that the need of the hour is to take Philately between the youngsters and children of the country. He also urged the people present in the programme to ensure their active participation in this cause.The much awaited “My Stamps” scheme of the Postal Department was also launched in this programme. There was a lot of enthusiasm among youngsters for this scheme. 

Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services, Allahabad Region told that generally Postage Stamps may look like a small piece of paper but there value and importance is much more. In fact Postage Stamp is a tiny ambassador, which travels across countries and teaches them about his country’s civilization, culture and heritage. It is an icon of a country’s people, their belief and philosophy, history, culture, heritage, ambitions and expectations. It is filled with enchanting vitality.  Director Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, discussing the 100 years centenary of Mahatma Gandhi's return to India, said that in ALLAPHILEX-2015 a number of stamps issued across the world have been showcased to emphasize the relevance of Gandhi on International stage.  He told that almost all countries of the world have issued postage stamps on Gandhi, and in India the maximum number of stamps have been issue on him. He said that the advanced idea in Philately today is detailed study of Postage Stamps, their meaningful review and conclusions derived from such studies should be explained with regard to the social-cultural- political context of the contemporary world. 

Mr.Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services presented postage stamps with the photo of  Padam Shri Shamshurrahman Farooqui to him, after which Mr. Farooqui urged the people present in the programme to be benefited from these service. While Children enjoyed Philatelic Exhibition, Philatelic Deposit Accounts were also opened. 

Mr. Rahmatullah, Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Allahabad welcomed the guests and vote of thanks was given by Mr. M. P. Mishra, Assistant Director. Proceedings of the programme were conducted by Mr. A. K. Singh. On this occasion Philatelists, children from various schools, their parents, teachers and a number of Postal Officers including, Mr. R. N. Yadav, Senior Postmaster; Shri T. B. Singh, Assistant Director, Jury members Mr. Anil Rastogi and Mr. Dinesh Chandra Sharma, Dr. Manishi Bansal were also present. 

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