Saturday, February 16, 2013

Postal dept releases special covers on 'Basant Panchami' at Prayag-Kumbh

ALLAHABAD: A series of programme has started with the advent of Basant.
In the same tradition, special covers and cancellations were issued by chief guest, Postal Services Board New Delhi member (operations), Kamleshwar Prasad, at a programme chaired by chief postmaster general, UP circle, Lucknow, Col Kamlesh Chandra, in the presence of Postmaster General, Allahabad Lt Col AK Gupta and director postal services, Krishna Kumar Yadav, organised in the premises of Allahabad Head Post Office.
While releasing the special cover and cancellation, on 15 February 2013, chief guest, Kamleshwar Prasad said that Basant Panchami is a festival that symbolises exaltation and enthusiasm. And the combination of royal bath and Basant Panchami makes it even more significant.
In his presidential address, chief postmaster general, Col Kamlesh Chandra told that it is for the first time that special covers and cancellations are being issued on all major baths to make this Kumbh memorable. Popularity of these special covers can be estimated by the fact that lots of requests for supply of these covers have been received from country and abroad through e-mail.
Krishna Kumar Yadav, director postal services, Allahabad region said that available in the denominations of Rs 25 these special covers will be passed on to the coming generations as a reminder to the cultural heritage of Kumbh Mela.
The proceedings of the programme were conducted by assistant director, RN Yadav, and note of thanks was given by senior superintendent of post offices, Rahmatullah.

Courtesy : Times of India, 16 Feb. 2013
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