Wednesday, January 8, 2014

43rd UPU letter writing competition held at Allahabad GPO

Who doesn’t likes to read a letter ? A number of unsaid feelings can be expressed through a letter. To promote letter writing, Universal Postal Union organizes letter writing competition at International Level every year for School children up to the age of 15 years. 43rd UPU letter writing competition was organized in Allahabad on 5th of January, 2014 at Allahabad. The topic for letter writing competition was "How music can touch lives." Participants from Allahabad, Pratapgarh, Varanasi, and Ghazipur districts participated in this competition. The competition was inaugurated by Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services of Allahabad Region.

Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services, Allahabad Region said that Letters have a deep relationship with emotions. Letter writing is a kind of contemplation, which gives stability to the mind. In this high tech age, pen has been replaced by key board. People posting updates on Facebook and Twitter are also writing letter in a way. The only difference is that letters written earlier were written by hand but now a days these are written over smartphone, tablet and laptop. Reading letters is equally important to writing letters. Purpose of writing letters is not limited only to giving information but it also contains a sense of mystery or secrecy, collectability, art of writing and a notion to understand past. Mr. Yadav added that Letter writing is a serious form of literature. Keeping the importance of letters in mind N.C.E.R.T. has introduced a chapter on letter writing in class eight with the name “Intriguing world of letters” (^^fpfë;ksa dh vuks[kh nqfu;k^^). Mr. Yadav told that it’s not without reason that during her space visit Sunita Williams didn’t forget to carry letters written by her father in hindi along with ‘Bhagwatgeeta’ and a statue of Lord Ganesh.

Mr. Yadav also informed that 95 participants participated in this letter writing competition. Which includes, 33 from Saint Joseph College, Allahabad, 01 from Bishop Johnson School and College, 01 from Government Girls Inter College, Allahabad, 37 from Glenfill School, Manduwadeeh, Varanasi, 17 from Saint Atulanand Convent School, Varanasi, 01 from Intermediate College, Pratapgarh and 05 from Loudess Convent Girls Inter College Ghazipur. Participants have to write these letters in 800 words in English or any other language listed in Schedule Eight of Constitution.

            Director Mr. K. K. Yadav told that these letters will be evaluated in Lucknow at Circle level and three best letters will be sent to Postal Directorate, New Delhi for inclusion at National Level. Three best participants at National level will be awarded first, second and third prizes with a cash reward of Rs. 2,000, 1,500 and 1,000. While one best entry from each Circle will also be awarded with a cash reward of Rs. 250 as consolation prize. The best entry at the National level shall qualify as the official Indian entry for this International level competition. 

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