Saturday, February 1, 2014

Director Postal Services, K. K. Yadav inaugurated Daak Mela at Allahabad Head Post Office

Postal Department organized Mega Daak Mela at Allahabad Head Post Office on 31 January, 2014, which was inaugurated by Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services, Allahabad Region. On this occasion business of 5 crore in Postal Life Insurance, 5 crore in Rural Postal Life Insurance was procured and 15,000 accounts of various types were opened.

While inaugurating Daak Mela, Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services, Allahabad Region said that objective of Postal Department is to bring urban as well as remote rural population under the ambit of Postal Savings and insurance schemes for inclusive growth. As a part of this objective many villages are brought under ‘Bachat Bank Gram’ and ‘Sampurna Gramin Daak Jeevan Bima Gram’ schemes. Mr. Yadav also told that from network point of view, Post Office Saving Bank is the country’s largest Retail Bank.

Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services said that Post Offices are now linked under Core Banking Solution (CBS), which will be the beginning of a revolutionary step in the field of rural banking. Account holders in Post Offices will now be able to use services like internet banking, mobile banking, and ATM. Under this plan, in Allahabad, Allahabad Head Post Office, Allahabad Kty Head Post Office, High Court, Ahmadganj, CDA Pension and Bahadurganj Post Offices are proposed to be roll out under CBS by this March.

Discussing the benefits of the Postal life insurance Mr. Rahmatullah, Senior Superintendent of Post Offices told that there are 6 schemes of Postal Life Insurance such as Suraksha, Santosh, Suvidha, Yugal Suraksha, Sumangal and Children policy. Currently officials working in Government/ Semi-Government/ Government controlled institutions are eligible for Postal Life Insurance. Benefits of Postal Life Insurance include 100% security of investor's investment by Government, relaxation in income tax under section 88, low premium and high bonus, loan benefit on the policies, deposit of premium at any post office in the country and rebate of 1% & 2% on advance premium of 6 months and 12 months respectively. He also said that the burden of agents’ commission is not put on premium deposited by the proponent.

Asstt Director Savings Mr Vijay Kumar said that there are many schemes for investment in Post Offices, which include Saving Account, Recurring Deposits, Term Deposits, Monthly Income Scheme, PPF, Senior Citizens Saving Scheme and National Saving Certificates. 

On this occasion number of officers, employees, Saving bank agents, including Mr M P Mishra, Asstt Director, Asstt Supdts R. N. Yadav, Vinay Yadav, P. C. Tiwari, Sub Divisional Inspectors A. K. Singh, Dileep Yadav, Gyanendra, Manvijay Singh, Brajesh Sharma, R P Srivastava etc. were present.

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