Saturday, January 26, 2013

'My Stamp' at Kumbh Mela now : Now, get a postage stamp with your picture

Now a days, Postal Department is coming up with one after another innovative experiments with Postage Stamps. While scented stamps with fragrances of Sandal, Rose and Jasmine and Golden postage stamps in association with Haalmark were issued in the in the past years, now personalized stamps with the name of “My Stamp” are being launched by the Postal Department, wherein any one get his photo printed on postage stamps. This scheme was inaugurated by Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services on 25 January, 2013 in a programme organized in Central Post Office situated at Kumbh Mela.
While inaugurating the “My Stamp” scheme at Kumbh Mela, Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services said that, to avail the facility of “My Stamp” you need to fill up a form and deposit Rs. 300/- with your photo. A sheet of My Stamp contains 12 postage stamps. You may provide your good quality photograph to Department of Post, which will be scanned to make your beautiful My Stamp. In case you don’t have your photo with you, arrangements have been made to get your photo clicked on the spot.
Mr. Yadav also informed that only living persons may get their My Stamps printed. While pointing out the rational features of the My Stamp scheme, he told that there possibly may not be a better gift than ‘My Stamp’. For My Stamp you don’t need to dig into your pockets as it costs only Rs. 300/- for a sheet of 12 stamps with your beautiful photo. It is up to you to, whether you want to gift it to a family member, friend or someone close. Not only this, you may choose postage stamps of your zodiac sign and get your photo printed on it. It also is an overwhelming and unique way of showing your unfathomable love for someone. Five rupees stamp with your photo can be used to send Posts anywhere across the country.
Mr. Yadav told that My Stamp scheme will be provided with 16 postage stamps in Kumbh Mela, which includes postage stamps on flowers such as Cineraria, Dahlia, Lily, Pency and 12 zodiac signs. While elders show a craze for My Stamp with their zodiac sign, children chose postage stamps with colorful flowers for their My Stamp. Many people cashed the opportunity and brought their whole family on postage stamps under My Stamp.
Telling in detail about the My Stamp scheme, Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services, informed that although the My Stamp scheme is in practice in a number of countries across the world, it is a new trend in India. This scheme was formally launched in India for the first time during World Philatelic Exhibition-2011 (Indipex-2011, 12-18 February, 2011) in New Delhi. It was launched in Allahabad recently during Allahabad Philatelic Exhibition (13-14 January, 2013), where it was quite famous among people. Hundreds of people got their photos printed on My Stamp just in two days of the exhibition. Considering its publicity it has now been started in Kumbh Mela.
On the occasion many pilgrims visiting the Kumbh Mela, officers and employees of the department including Kumbh Mela Adhikari Mr. A. K. Srivastava, Assistant Directors Mr. R. N. Yadav, M. P. Mishra, SSPOs Rahmatullah, Assistant Superintendents Vinay Yadav, R. N. Yadav and V. K. Pandey, Pankaj Maurya and others were present.

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