Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hindi has the caliber to become a global language - Krishna Kumar Yadav

A seminar on the topic “Role of Hindi in changing environments” and felicitation programme, to award winners of various competitions held during the fortnight, was organized on 20 September, 13 in the office of Postmaster General Allahabad. Chief Guest of the programme, Director Postal Services, Allahabad Region and himself a litterateur, Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav said in his address that- Hindi has a very significant role in keeping intact Indian Culture. Today, if we want to popularize the use of Hindi and develop it as a global language then the need of the hour is to assimilate Hindi in our day to day life and not use it only in programme.

Speaking about “Role of Hindi in changing environments” Postal Director Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav said that Hindi has all the caliber to become a global language, and today more than 150 universities are teaching Hindi as a language.  Now books in Hindi are available in almost all fields of study, trend of regional newspapers has grown, number of websites in Hindi is also increasing on internet, many companies of Information Technology have started project in Hindi. Information in Hindi is being searched indiscriminately using Google. Mr. Yadav said that earlier their was lack of uniformity in Hindi due to use of various fonts, but after arrival of Unicode for Hindi in 2003, expansion and use of Hindi gained momentum. He also said that in this age of internet, along with publication of e-versions of Hindi books, a number of Hindi papers and magazines are publishing their e-versions. This has immensely helped Hindi in gaining new dimensions as a language and literature.

Presiding over the programme as chairman Senior Superintendent of Post offices Mr. Rahmatullah, said that Hindi is our mother tongue and official language, and to ensure its wide reach to the people, its use on technological level is required.

In the beginning of the programme Mr. T. B. Singh, Assistant Director (Official Language) expressed his joy that Director Postal Services Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav himself is a renowned writer and litterateur of Hindi language, as such we have his able guidance and support to promote use of Hindi in Department of Posts. He further said that Hindi is our mother tongue, and we should respect it and use it widely in our daily life. Assistant Superintendent of Posts Mr. Vinay Kumar said that we need to increase the use of Hindi not only as a language but also increase its applicability. Inspector of Posts Mr. A. K. Singh said that other than the language of literature Hindi is also a language of common conversation, and we need to promote it in its simplifies form.

On this occasion a number of officials expressed their views, including Deepak Kumar, VineetTandon, Vikram Singh, Ms. Laxmi. Vote of thanks was given by Assistant Director-III Mr. Tej Bahadur Singh and proceeding of the programme was conducted by Mr. Brijesh Kumar Sharma, Inspector of Posts.

On this occasion Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services felicitated the winners of various competitions held during the Hindi fortnight. Which include VineetTandon, Rajendra Prasad, Jagdish Kushwaha in Typing Competition; Ajay Prakash, R. K. Srivastava, Swapan Kumar for Essay competition; JagdishKushwaha, Ijlesh Kumar, Rambahadur for Hindi slogan respectively for first, second and third positions.

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