Sunday, December 15, 2019

'Nanyatha' makes Letter Boxes smart : Post Offices begin e-monitoring of letter boxes by ‘Nanyatha’ in Lucknow

In the era of new technology now Letter Boxes will be getting smart. This is now possible with the implementation of the Electronic Monitoring of Letter Box Clearance through the Nanyatha software developed by Department of Posts. The programme helps to know the status of letters dropped in the box and functioning of the delivery system in the postal network through Internet.

Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services, Lucknow HQ Region told that Real time based and GPS enabled mobile software ‘Nanyatha’ is aimed at monitoring the clearance of letter boxes planted at various locations attached to post offices. This application helps in uploading the data about the location of  Letter Box, date and time of clearance, Number of letters and the person who has cleared  to the web MIS having the address, when  the bar code is scanned using a smart phone.  
Explaining the system, Director Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav said that in Lucknow City there are 201 letter boxes, each letter box is assigned a unique barcode consisting of a pin code followed by a twelve-digit serial number. After capturing the location, letter box attendant opens it, counts the number of letters inside, and scans the barcode fixed inside through the hand set by using the installed android application. Then the attendant enters his/her name and the number of articles cleared through the app on the smartphone, which gets uploaded on the server, said Mr. Yadav.

This software also facilitates the members of public to know the states of letter clearance which is posted in a particular letter box. With this software, customers by a click of mouse can know whether the letters dropped by them in letter boxes are collected or not. It is also possible to know the date, time and name of the postman who picked up the letters, said Mr. Yadav. It also provides MIS to the Postal department to know the volume of letters posted in a letter box and thereby to rationalize the letter boxes. 
'Nanyatha' makes Postal Letter Boxes smart (Courtesy : The Pioneer, Lucknow)

Department of Posts begins e-monitoring of letter boxes by ‘Nanyatha’ in Lucknow

Mobile app ‘Nanyatha’ for electronics clearance of letter boxes in Lucknow

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