Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Yoga is the science of living a disciplined life - Postmaster General Krishna Kumar Yadav

The 'International Yoga Day' was celebrated enthusiastically by the Department of Posts in various divisions and Post offices. It was inaugurated by the Postmaster General Shri Krishna Kumar Yadav at the Regional Office located at Varanasi Cantt. Head Post Office. On this occasion, he emphasized upon the officers and employees of the Department of Posts to practice yoga regularly and add it to their daily routine.

Postmaster General Shri Krishna Kumar Yadav said in his address that Yoga is actually the science of living a disciplined life. Through 'Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam', this priceless and unique heritage of Indian culture has been adopted globally. In today's materialistic age, yoga is not only a mean to stay healthy, but it is also a strong support for the protection of humanity. This 'International Day of Yoga' has also been realized by dedicating it to the theme 'Yoga for Humanity'.

Superintendent Post Office, Varanasi West Division, Mr. PC Tiwari said that Yoga not only keeps us away from negativity but also creates positive thoughts in our mind. Assistant Director, Brajesh Kumar Sharma said that, by adopting yoga, we all can become partners in building a healthy & fit India. Yoga instructor Shri Harish Chandra Prajapati performed yoga for an hour on this occasion, explaining the importance of various asanas.

On this occasion, Superintendent of Posts PC Tiwari, Assistant Director Brajesh Sharma, Assistant Superintendent of Posts R.K. Chauhan, Ajay Maurya, Inspector Inderjit Pal, VN. Dwivedi and N.B. Singh, Shri Prakash Gupta, Rajendra Yadav, Rahul Verma, Shravan Singh, Ajita, Abhilasha and many others were present.

Department of Posts enthusiastically celebrated 'International Yoga Day'

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