Thursday, January 29, 2015

Biometric devices to be installed in Post Offices to ensure timely attendance of employees

To ensure timely presence of Postal employees in the Post Offices, biometric attendance devices will be installed in the Post offices under Allahabad Region. Director Postal Services of Allahabad Region Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav addressed to all Divisional Heads and strictly instructed them to get biometric devices installed in their offices and all other major Post Offices under their jurisdiction immediately.

Biometric attendance device has started functioning at Regional Office Allahabad situated at Civil Lines from 23 January, 2015 to ensure timely attendance of employees in the office. On first day, a lot of enthusiasm was seen among the employees for biometric attendance system, said Mr. Yadav. 

Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services said that in initial stage biometric attendance devices will be installed in offices of all divisional heads and head post offices under Allahabad Region. Other than Head Post Offices, these devices will be also installed in the offices of Railway Mail Service, Head Record offices, and the divisional office of Railway Mail Service. Thereafter, it will be systematically installed in all major Post Offices. Employees have to mark their attendance using their thumb impressions while coming in the office at morning and while leaving the office in the evening. 

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