Thursday, October 10, 2013

Allahabad holds important place in Postal Services- Krishna Kumar Yadav

A programme was organized by Postal Department on the occasion of World Post Day in Allahabad Head Post Office located at Civil Lines. The programme was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services, Allahabad Region, whereas the chief guest of the programme was Mr. M. E. Haque, Postmaster General, Allahabad Region. Detailed information about a number of postal services was provided in this programme, along with felicitation of pensioners and postal officers and employees, for their excellent performance.

On this occasion, Postmaster General Allahabad Mr. M. E. Haque, explained about the working of Universal Postal Union, in his address. He also urged the postal officials to be more dedicated about their work. He said that Department of Posts is a huge organization and more revenue may be earned by establishing dialogue with people and educating them about the products and services of Postal Department. 

Presiding over as Chairman of the programme Director Postal Services, Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav said that the history of Postal Services is linked with culture, heritage and economy of the Indian people. Postal Department links the whole country from east to west and north to south in a chain of communication, and comes to the aid of people in their happiness and sorrows. Postal Department has out lasted centuries and a number of unknown aspects of history are hidden in its glorious past. Mr. Yadav said that Allahabad holds an important place in Postal Services. A number of Postal Services were started in Allahabad and it has still preserved these heritage. 

On this occasion, postal employees were felicitated for their outstanding performance in various fields. Which include, Mr. Vinay Yadav, Assistant Superintendent of Post Offices (South); A. K. Singh, Sub- Divisional Inspector (North) and C. L. Mishra, Sub Postmaster, Daraganj for Postal Life Insurance; Ram Chandra Shukla, Postman, Meja for Rural Postal Life Insurance; Rajnish Srivastava, Marketing Executive for Business Development; Vidhya Bhusan Pandey, Postman, Allahabad City for excellent performance. Other than above, Postal Department also felicitated senior pensioners Mr. Radheyshyam Srivastava, Ram Sukh Shukla, Amrit Lal and Vidydhar Malviya. 

Mr. Rahmatullah, Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Allahabad, welcomed the guests and Mr. Madhusudan Prasad Mishra, Senior Postmaster gave vote of thanks. Proceeding of the programme were conducted by Mr. A. K. Singh, Inspector of Post Offices. 

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