Sunday, October 13, 2013

Postage Stamps help in enriching and strengthening education system – KK Yadav

“Philately day’’ was celebrated by Postal Dept. as a part of National Postal Week on 12 th Oct 2013. On this occasion various programmes were held at Allahabad and Varanasi , including Philatelic workshop, letter writing competition, Panting competition, and quiz competition for students to promote philately.

On this occasion Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services, said that philately is not the only collection of stamps but it is also includes study of stamps.  He said that every stamp has a story of their own and there is a need to link young generation with this story. He called Postage Stamps are “Carrier of emotions”, which carries emotions from one person to another.

Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services, Allahabad Region told that generally Postage Stamps may look like a small piece of paper but there value and importance is much more. In fact Postage Stamp is a tiny ambassador, which travels across countries and teaches them about his country’s civilization, culture and heritage. It is anicon of a country’s people, their belief and philosophy, history, culture, heritage, ambitions and expectations. It is filled with enchanting vitality.

On this occasion Mr.Yadav also told about interesting story about a European woman of 19th century who had an idea to decorate her dressing room with Postage Stamps, she collected sixteen thousand stamps from her acquaintances and for remaining she released an advertisement in “Times of London” and requested the readers to send used postage stamps to complete her collection. Thereafter collecting of stamps gained popularity as a hobby in the whole world in due course of time.

Mr. Yadav urged to School and Students to open Philatelic Deposit Account in Post Offices to get Stamps at their door step evey month. He said that knowledge may also be acquired through Postage Stamps. Postage Stamps may also help in enriching and strengthening our education system.

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