Saturday, November 2, 2019

India Post stamps with fragrance of perfumes : Four stamps released on Agarwood and Orange Blossom

Everyone desires to send or receive fragrant letters and poets have also written a lot on fragrant letters. The Indian Postal Department has embodied this imagination of people by releasing perfumed postage stamps. Now people need not to send flowers or fragrances in envelopes, but the scented postage stamp affixed on the envelope to their loved ones will express all their feelings.
We all must have seen postage stamps, but it adds to the joy if postage stamps bear aromatic fragrance. In this context, the Postal Department issued aromatic postage stamps. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services, Lucknow HQ Region told that the Department of Posts released four fragrant commemorative postage stamps on Agarwood and Orange Blossom in the Indian Perfume category. The perfume extract is added during the paper making process thereby keeping the fragrance in postage stamps for a long time.The price of one set of these four postage stamps is Rs.100. This postage stamp is available for sale at Lucknow GPO and other Head Post Offices now.
Director Postal Services, Krishna Kumar Yadav added that India Posts had released perfumed stamps in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2017 also. Agarwood and Orange Blossom is the fifth perfumed postage stamp released in the perfume category. In the year 1973, Bhutan became the first country to release perfumed postage stamps followed by New Zealand, Thailand and Switzerland. India released the first perfumed postage stamp on Sandal fragrance in year 2006, said Mr. Yadav.

He also told that unlike the regular postage stamps issued from time to time by the Department of Posts, these scented postage stamps have been issued under the category of commemorative postage stamps. This is the reason that these postage stamps cannot be reprinted and therefore have become invaluable for the stamp collectors. Apart from philatelists, the youth who passionate of collecting unique things are also attracted by these postage stamps.
Significantly, the scent of agarwood is exquisitely adorned with a strong sweet fragrance layered with deep aroma of wood. Agarwood is among the most precious perfumes in the world. At present, these trees are found in many countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Thailand, Vietnam including India. On the same hand, the fragrance of orange blossom i.e. orange flower is very sweet and captivating. Traditionally, it is considered a sign of good luck and brides use it passionately on the day of marriage. Today, orange trees are extensively grown in India, Brazil and China.

Postal Department's Aromatic Initiative: Now postage stamps will bear fragrance of perfumes

Four scented postage stamps released on Agarwood and Orange Blossom

These stamps to make communication a fragrant affair (Courtesy : Hindustan Times) 

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